Beautiful kitchen flooring from MFGS Carpet and vinyl in Winnipeg, MB

Can I use cork flooring in my kitchen?

Cork flooring is an outstanding choice for many reasons, including durability and lifespan. And it's a perfect choice for many rooms, including your kitchen.

With an average 40-year lifespan, these floors offer fantastic durability. In addition, cracking, abrasions, and stains are far less likely to occur.

Absolute comfort and durability
With cork flooring, comfort is a reasonable desire, as you spend a lot of time standing in one place. In addition, it's easy on your body and creates a softer surface for children.

This softness also helps cork kitchen flooring hold up better under constant traffic. In addition, the "bounce-back" factor feels better underfoot and absorbs impacts with ease.

Clean and easy to maintain
Cork is a fantastic choice for protection against mold, termites, and bacteria growth. But, of course, that means cleaner air quality for the entire household.

But it's easy to maintain, especially with the proper sealant applications against water. Be sure to wipe up any spills as they happen for the best stain protection.

A safer flooring solution
Cork flooring only melts or ignites at the highest temperatures, protecting you from fire. In addition, cork floor tiles emit no toxic chemicals or gasses if it does catch fire.

These floors are perfect for toddlers, thanks to their comfort and softness. The surface is warmer and eliminates many injuries associated with falling.

Consider us for your cork flooring
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