Whole-home waterproof flooring is a great idea

Waterproof flooring has always been a perfect addition for protection in damp areas. But now, they are seeing popularity in every room more than ever. So, enjoy the beauty, durability, and reasonable lifespan when choosing these floors.

A beautiful decor match

One of the best-added features of waterproof flooring is the stunning beauty. You'll find materials that mimic natural hardwood, porcelain tile, and stone. And each look gives you extensive colors and textures to choose from. Opting for a trendy choice gives you water-resistant flooring for any decor. But you might also enjoy the beauty and boldness of high variation looks and more. There are extensive choices for matching your decor, and we can help you find the perfect surface.

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Durability brings peace of mind

The complete waterproof profile of these floors brings great peace of mind all by itself. But you have so many other benefits that will serve you and your household well. For example, consider excellent stain, scar, scratch, and dent protection for your busiest rooms. A few runners or rugs in the right places can increase your durability. Your waterproof vinyl flooring will look better with this added protection. Don't forget to ask about various product thicknesses for personalized protection.

Quick and easy installation and care

If you want a floor covering you can walk on the same day it's installed, you're in the right place. These floors even offer a floating floor option, which easily clicks together. Even glue-down options provide a fast and easy installation in every room. Caring for these floors is also quick and easy. A few minutes is all you need to keep these floors looking new. Waterproof flooring gives you everything you need for gorgeous, dependable floors that last for more than 20 years.
Waterproof flooring in Winnipeg, MB from MFGS Carpet and Vinyl

We offer exceptional waterproof flooring

At MFGS Carpet and Vinyl, we care about you and your flooring results. We have more than 30 years of experience, and we'll put that toward your remodel of any size. Take time to speak with our associates to find the perfect match for every decor need and so much more.

Upgrade to waterproof flooring today at our Winnipeg, MB showroom location. Our service areas include Winnipeg, MB, Brandon, MB, Selkirk, MB, Portage La Prairie, MB, and Regina, SK, and we'd love to work with you too. Stop by any time for service and materials you will be thankful you considered for your home.