Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing is an essential service

If you have wood flooring, you'll need hardwood floor refinishing. This service helps keep your floors in great shape for decades between services. But it also helps repair damage, abuse, and wear for stunning good looks and an extensive lifespan.

The necessity of wood floor refinishing

When your wood floors receive careful upkeep, they can last more than 100 years with ease. And the refinishing process is an integral part of that care. So, if you have scratches or water spots, it's time to start planning your wood floor refinishing. But if you're unsure about your floors, we can help you figure out the state of your flooring. First, speak with our associates about simple tests that reveal the refinishing need. Then, we'll help plan services and set up a care plan.



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What to expect with hardwood floor refinishing

When you plan your refinishing service, there are some things you can expect from the start. The first step is consultation and assessment to see what your floors may need. We'll discuss your floor's history and any previous services and care in this phase. Sanding floors is the next step, removing years of damage. That gives us a fresh layer of wood for applying new stain color and finish. The process length can vary based on your specific needs and the size of the refinish as a whole.

The benefits of wood refinishing

The most apparent benefit of hardwood floor refinishing is the new appearance of that new floor look. But you'll also enjoy knowing that your floors are suitable for up to 30 to 40 years before reservicing. And the more you care for and protect your floors, the longer they will last. Wood floor refinishing even allows you to change your floors' stain color and texture. For example, you can switch from a light stain to a dark one. In addition, some homeowners change things up for a different appearance from time to time.
Hardwood refinishing in Winnipeg, MB from MFGS Carpet and Vinyl

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MFGS Carpet and Vinyl offers everything you need for the best results. Whether you need a small area or an entire home refinished, we're here for you. Speak with our associates about your specific hardwood floor refinishing needs, and we'll take care of the rest. Call us or stop by our showroom in Winnipeg, MB to ask about hardwood refinishing. We cater to residents from Winnipeg, MB, Brandon, MB, Selkirk, MB, Portage La Prairie, MB, and Regina, SK. We look forward to serving your flooring needs as well.