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Laminate Flooring Solutions in Winnipeg

Get the look of fine wood at an affordable cost with durable, scratch, and stain-resistant laminate flooring solutions from Manufacturers Carpet & Flooring. We take pride in offering reliable laminate flooring services in Winnipeg. Laminate floors are constructed from sturdy, long-lasting materials that are easy to care for and maintain, making them the perfect choice for use in high-traffic areas. We specialize in sales and professional installation of beautiful laminate flooring in Winnipeg in variety colours and designs to complement any décor. If you like the natural appearance and elegance of hardwood or stone, but want a simpler, more affordable option, you owe it to yourself to see what laminate flooring has to offer. Give us a call to learn more.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is usually constructed in its three principal layers, the decorative layer, the core, and the backing layer. The core layer is manufactured out of wood pulp/wood fibres and compressed using a high-pressure process. This compression process is what makes the floor resistant to take the shock of localized impacts. The higher the pressure used to produce the core, the more durable the laminate will be.


Laminate is produced in 2 different ways, including high pressure and direct pressure. Thus, the type of laminate flooring you wish to choose depends on the amount of traffic your flooring will see.

  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL): This is made using over 1000 pounds of pressure, and is good for high traffic areas.
  • Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL): This is made using 300-500 pounds of pressure, and is better for medium to fewer traffic areas such as in small offices and homes.

Get the Right Laminate Flooring

Take a look at the list below to learn more about the basic things you need to consider before opting for laminate flooring.

Plank Thickness

The most popular thickness for laminate is 12mm. However, they do come in a variety of different thicknesses. The more stable and the better condition your subfloor is in, the thinner the laminate flooring you need. You can use thicker flooring when the subfloor has slight unevenness or where sound is a factor, for example, homes and small offices.

Laminate Flooring Texture

Aesthetics are a major advancement in laminate flooring. Listed below are a few textures you can choose from:

  • Satin / Smooth finish – gives a subtle yet shiny finish to the flooring. It reflects some light but does not overpower the room with a glossy feel
  • Matte finish – is one of the most popular textures. It mimics natural, hardwood floors with a distinct wood texture
  • Hand-scraped finish – is not actually hand-scraped. Instead, it is pressed to look like an authentic hand-scraped wood floor
  • Natural wood finish – looks and feels a lot like natural wood flooring. This is also very popular among today’s homeowners looking for the most authentic texturing
  • Soft scraped finish – takes a design and adds a subtle, timeworn finish to it. The look is very subdued
  • Oiled wood finish – is traditional in style but very popular with today’s buyers. It mimics natural, untreated hardwood floors, giving the look that the floors were treated with natural oils
  • High gloss / Piano finish – offers a shiny, elegant look. Ideal for upscale, modern interiors
  • Oxide surface finish – metallic finish giving a small dose of shine. Used often for modern, chic interiors
  • Slate / Stone finish – replicates look and feel of the slate or stone

Laminate Flooring Edge Type

Describes how each plank is cut and impacts how the planks look together. Do the planks float seamlessly or is there a defined edge? Take a look below to learn more.

  • Square edge - the floor has "90-degree edges" and offers a seamless transition from one plank to the next
  • Micro-bevel - is popular in modern homes; each plank uses a very fine micro-bevel or rounded corner
  • Deep bevel or v-groove - is where each plank has a unique grooved, defined edge like a v-shape. It makes the room look like it has solid wood planks throughout
  • Rolled bevel - is when the design and colour of the floor is rolled over or continued beyond the edge – gives planks an authentic look and feel
  • Painted bevel - is when the plank edges are painted along the groove for a more pronounced look

Laminate Locking Style

Below you can find information about a few laminate locking styles:

  • Tongue and groove - uses interlocking elements to piece together
  • Mechanical systems - these incorporate aluminum mechanical locking systems from underneath the planks to keep the pieces together

Laminate Flooring Features

Feature of laminate flooring are:

  • Built-in underlayment - simplifies the installation process and creates the firmest sound buffer
  • Wax impregnated edges - enhance the moisture resistance of the flooring. The waxed edges create a seal once clicked together
  • Water-resistant core - increases the life of your flooring. It is commonly used in rooms where moisture is a factor. For example, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Scratch protection - adds an extra protective barrier against scuffs and scratches. It is good for people with pets and kids
  • Spill protection - offers protection for water or liquid on flooring for up to 24-72 hours without damage

AC Ratings

Listed below are the AC ratings:

  • AC1 - Modest residential use
  • AC2 - General residential use
  • AC3 - Heavy residential use
  • AC4 - General Commercial use
  • AC5 - Heavy commercial use


Manufacturers Carpet & Flooring offers a wide selection of quality laminate flooring in a variety of styles and designs, as well as professional installation. Some of our trusted suppliers include:

  • Beaulieu canada
  • evoke
  • inhaus
  • Richmond
  • Goodfellow
  • kraus

We Are Your Flooring Professionals

Our team offers comprehensive flooring solutions, including carpet, vinyl, tile, hardwood, and laminate. Get the flooring of your choice today.

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